Why aren’t people showing grace?

Grace is undeserved, so why don’t Christians just show grace to the University?

Grace has become such a common buzzword in Christianity that many people use it without even fully understanding what it means, apparently thinking it means overlooking a wrong. But much more than forgiveness (which is not ours to give if we weren’t the ones wronged), grace is also divine Holy Spirit power to do what God calls us to do.

We believe that in calling leaders in the University to pursue truth and embrace righteousness in humility, we’re showing grace in the most meaningful way. Grace doesn’t overlook sin or cover it up; it confronts (Galatians 6:1) and pursues honest and humble repentance (Matthew 18). But when those steps have been taken and still there is no acknowledgement of wrongdoing, a public review is in order, again according to Matthew 18.

For many abuse survivors, this is precisely where they are. The GRACE investigation has been perceived by many to be the only way  their concerns would be heard.

BJU has demonstrated a decades-long pattern of what appears to be unbiblical and unethical counsel, and it seems that the University has left a trail of deeply wounded and discouraged former students in its wake. The way to “show grace” is to call them to repentance and restitution with the ones who have been wounded.

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