What is it we want?

Our hope and prayer to a gracious God—who we still don’t doubt is a God of love and compassion, mercy and justice, grace and truth—is for (1) more and more awareness in the Christian community that a previously ignored tragedy and crime is in our very midst; (2) appropriate justice for the offenders rather than protection, so that the churches can be purified and the vulnerable be kept safe; (3) humility that leads to true repentance in those who have covered for the offenders while shaming and blaming the victims; and (4) an embracing of abuse survivors by the Christian community, for them to see that they are precious and worthy of care and that full healing is available to them in the Great Healer, Jesus Christ.

We want the University to be a place where abuse survivors are protected and shown that they are valuable and precious and not at fault for their abuse; where survivors can get the help for recovery that they truly need; and where perpetrators are not aided and protected but are brought to justice, even perpetrators from the past. We also pray that those who were hurt in the past will be drawn closer to Christ as they are heard and loved well in His Name.