Common objections

These are some of the most common extra-Biblical objections we’ve heard as we and others have sought to shine the light of grace and truth in the abuse allegations at Bob Jones University.

Why are you tarnishing the reputation of Christ before a watching world?

We all just need to forgive. Why are you so unforgiving?

We need to wait for all the facts before coming to any conclusions about these things.

Why don’t you give the benefit of the doubt?

Why are you talking about these things when they happened so long ago?

Why aren’t people showing grace? Grace is undeserved, so why don’t Christians just show grace to the University?

We all fail. Why are you pointing your finger at the sins of others as if you yourself are sinless? Are you saying their sins are worse than yours when God sees all sins as equal?

 How can you be so disloyal to your alma mater?

You shouldn’t air dirty laundry.  Especially not on social media!

Rape happens everywhere. Why are you making such a big deal of this? Why are you singling out Bob Jones University?