But aren’t all sins equal?

We all have sin. We all fail. Lust in the heart is heart adultery. Thus we shouldn’t call out the ones who fail in the matters of being abusers or covering for abusers. Before we get the mote out of their eyes, we need to get the log out of our own. Before God, all sin is equal.

We believe that the “all sin is equal” fallacy (a misunderstanding based on Matthew 5) has been extremely detrimental to Christianity, immobilizing them, emasculating them, debilitating them in matters of dealing with serious sins some of which are even crimes.

In Matthew 5, Jesus was telling those who thought they were sinless because they kept certain minutiae of the law that they needed to get right with God. He was telling them they were guilty, for example, of heart adultery, and needed to repent of it. He was NOT saying that heart adultery was just as bad as violent rape.

This blog post further expands on the all-sins-are-equal fallacy.

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