Blog commenting policy

You’re welcome to disagree with us on this blog, but comments that harass or denigrate other commenters will be removed. Respect is a key concept here: think of your fellow commenter as being in the same category as someone you truly respect, no matter how strongly you feel about that person’s comment.

If you want to call out public figures in strong terms such as those that Jesus used against the Pharisees, please comment using your real full name, considering the fact that Jesus did not call out people anonymously.

If you are an abuse survivor who would like to name your perpetrator in the comments section, please do so using your real full name and your own email address. BJUGrace will not be responsible for any allegations made in the comments.

We reserve the right to edit out profanities and vulgarities that we believe will be offensive to our audience.

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Although when you comment you are required to give us your email address, we will not be sharing that email address with anyone except as required by law.