Month: March 2016

Barbra’s Story Part Two: at Bob Jones University and Beyond

Although the author of this post speaks for herself and tells her own story, BJUGrace, as her publishing platform, has sought to do due diligence, through documentation and written statements from several witnesses, to confirm to the best of our ability that her story is true

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Barbra’s Story Part One: At Cookeville Christian School

Because Ted Anderson was a graduate student at Bob Jones University at the time he was allegedly abusing girls in the Christian school where he was the principal (his dissertation can be seen here) . . . because some of the

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Jesus Loves Me: An Abuse Survivor’s Story

Although the author of this blog post speaks for herself and tells her own story, BJUGrace, as her publishing platform, through documentation and written statements from several witnesses, has sought to do due diligence to confirm that her story is

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