Month: December 2015

The laughter of delight

posted by Kristi If you’ve been following our posts at BJUGrace, you know that Rebecca Davis and I listen to and talk about heavy-duty topics like childhood sexual abuse and those who enable it. In that sense, this past year

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A year after the GRACE report

On December 10th of 2014, the GRACE report on Bob Jones University was released. BJU’s response to the report was less than satisfactory, but we continued to hope. After 90 days they responded again, and our hope diminished, but several

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BJU quietly invites mission organization that is harboring an alleged abuser

This year at the BJU Missions Emphasis Week (…/10/16/missions-emphasis-week-oct-19…/), Bob Jones University welcomed back Baptist Pioneer Mission (BPM). This mission board was named in the GRACE report as being aware that one of their missionaries (whose identity has been established

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