for someone who knows an abuse survivor

Will you sit with me in my pain?
Will you be there without trying to say a word?
Even though I’m not as far along
As you would like to see,
Will you love me anyway?

Will you walk with me in my healing?
Even though I stumble and fall
And even spiral down?
Will you reach out your hand to me?
Will you love me anyway?

Will you continue to be patient
When it seems that I don’t hear
All the wonderful truths you know
And want me to know?
Will you love me anyway?

You’ve spoken those truths, and I have them,
Locked up in the box in my head.
I can open the box and look at them
From time to time.

But life is lived out here
In the dark experience,
In neon colors of pain
When the box is locked.

Will you look at me with love
Without pity, without frustration?
With compassion,
Without impatience,
Will you love me there,
In the neon colors of pain?

I want to know,
I want to know
Those truths locked away in the box.
I want to see them
In the dark experience,
I want to feel them
In the neon pain.

I want Him,
I want Him.
But right now all I have
Is you.

Will you love me anyway?